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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  July 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we already have 78 degrees here in the nation's capital. the highs that meteorologist tom kierein is predicting for today. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm pat lawson muse in for eun yang. good morning. it's tuesday, july 12th, and it's going to be one of those days where it will be practically impossible to stay cool. meteorologist tom kierein is here to talk about how hot it's going to get. not only dangerous, but a record breaking day, tom. >> near 100 this afternoon. a good way to stay cool, popsicles and ice cream. my mother used to tell us -- i'm one of six children. she would say, when the ice cream truck plays music, it means it's out of ice cream. >> is that right? oh, no. they wouldn't want to run out today. >> that's not true. that's not true. and this morning it is a warm and muggy start. it's in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees throughout much of the
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region. we are starting off with high humidity in place too. out of the mountains, though, it is a bit cooler, in the 60s there. look at the highs expected later this afternoon from new york city all the way down to miami. it's going to be well into the 90s. in fact, even near 100 in the mid-atlantic states across maryland, virginia, as well as the carolinas. it will be near 100 degrees this afternoon. maybe even the low hundreds in southern virginia and parts of central, north, and south carolina. and right in washington, we ought to be near 99. 99 is the record high for the date set way back in 1908. over the last 12 hours, the storms we had last night long gone. the sky is partly cloudy now. the sun's up and flooding the eastern sky with golden sunlight. we'll have temperatures reaching near 100 by midafternoon. also a code orange for unhealthy air quality as the air pollution builds. late afternoon into the evening, could get some storms. a look at the night planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. traveling 270 north your
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exit ramp from 121 is still shut down because of yesterday's gas main break. and 270 south, you're slow heading out of urbana towards clarksburg. here's the beltway at river road. river road is looking good. but 66 eastbound, i am noticing volume as you make your way past the bypass and head towards centerville. but the lanes are clear, and no accidents either inside or outside of the beltway at 66. another look at the rails. metro, vre looking good. that brunswick east train number 870 is now delayed only 13 minutes. joe, back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. gas crews are still trying to fix a gas line that shut down interstate 270 for six hours. right now i-270 is back open, but from the ramp to the interstate 121 at clarksburg road is still closed. tracee wilkins is live with a look at that roadway. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we're going to explain that a little bit for folks who do take 121. we just hung up with washington
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gas just a moment ago. as you can see behind me, see these crews standing here and looks like they're waiting on something. they're waiting on someone to come up and get some of that mud out of the holes so they can start actual repairs. while they've been on the scene all night long, they have not actually started work on the rupture because they can't get to it as of right now. we know that yesterday this all caused major problems for folks. i-270 was closed in both directions for several miles in upper montgomery county after this gas main rupture. construction crews working on clarksburg road also known as 121 hit and ruptured an eight-inch gas main located about 25 feet below ground. the pressure from the escaping gas was so strong that it actually broke the windshield of nearby construction equipment. montgomery county fire thought it best to close i-270 in order to protect commuters. they have since stopped the gas flow, but they still need to get under ground and actually repair that rupture. a spokesman said, quote, it's a
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very deep hole. it's 25 feet covered in mud, and they need to access that hole. they're waiting on assistance to actually do that. as you mentioned, if you do take the 121 ramp from i-270, you can take the ramp, but you can't make that immediate right when you get off of the ramp. you're going to have to go around and then make a right. they have one single lane getting by northbound. both lanes are getting by southbound, so you should be okay, but just plan in advance for that. tracee wilkins live this morning in clarksburg. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thanks very much. two good samaritans are being praised this morning for saving a 9-year-old boy from a fiery car crash that claimed the lives of two men from prince george's county. manuel marshall was driving along i-275 in new jersey outside of philadelphia when he apparently lost control of his car. it slammed into a tree and caught on fire. marshall, 27-year-old jesse jones of lanham, and a third passenger all died in the crash. two other drivers pulled the 9-year-old from the car.
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he is in stable condition this morning. today the d.c. council will consider a bill that would put gun distribution into the hands of the city. right now there are no gun dealers in the district. under this plan, gun buyers would be able to buy guns anywhere gun sales are legal, and the guns would then be shipped to d.c. government offices where the guns could be picked up. federal law prohibits residents from buying the gun outside the city and then transporting it back into the district. today in space, two "atlantis" astronauts will make nasa's very last spacewalk from a shuttle. that spacewalk should start around 8:45 this morning and last more than six hours. astronauts will be repairing damaged equipment outside the international space station. the crew will not have to dodge space junk as first thought. nasa says that orbiting space debris will pass farther away than originally expected. congressional leaders will head back to the white house this morning for the fourth day of debt ceiling negotiations, but as the clock continues ticking, both sides are holding
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their ground over the central issue, tax hike. the american people will not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. >> president obama has said he will not accept a short term stop gap deal. today's meeting is set for this afternoon. also this afternoon, first lady michelle obama will be among those honoring the life of former first lady betty ford. mrs. ford died on friday. she founded the betty ford clinic for substance abuse and addiction after announcing her long-running battle with alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. former first lady rosalyn carter will eulogize her at a memorial service in california this afternoon. mrs. ford will be interred alongside her husband gerald ford in michigan.
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breaking news in afghanistan. a bodyguard has assassinated the half brother of afghan president hamid karzai. ahmed wali karzai was head of the kandahar provincial council. he recently was accused of being on the cia payroll and being involved in drug trafficking. he denied the charges. our time is 6:07. it is 78 degrees. coming up, new drink size now sold at starbucks. this is a huge drink.
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there's the sunrise over washington. a live look at that gorgeous
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skyline of the at 6:10 it is now 78 degrees, but the mercury is going a lot higher this morning. it's going to get really, really hot. in fact, record breaking. >> hard to believe that something that beautiful could be so ugly. when we get to the heat and humidity later on today, at least i'm speaking. here's tom kierein to talk about our forecast. it's going to get tough later on. >> the birds are not singing this morning, they're booing as the sun comes up. a chorus of boos. we'd like to have it go down again. right now temperatures are in the mid and upper 70s in washington. the nearby suburbs are right near the bay, lower eastern shore. it's near 80 degrees. we've got the thick humidity in the air too. you can see it, live picture from the city camera and the washington skyline there shrouded in summer haze. off in the distance is prince george's county. by 9:00 into the mid-80s. noontime low 90s. hazy sunshine during the middle part of the afternoon reaching near 100 degrees.
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code orange unhealthy air quality by mid to late afternoon too. late afternoon into the evening hours as somewhat drier air does begin to push in. we could have scattered storms around, and that threat exists until around midnight tonight. only about a 30% chance. lower humidity comes in tomorrow. a look at that and the rest of the week epd at 6:21. danella, how's traffic? >> traveling 270 south in maryland, you're going to see delays as you make your way from urbana down to clarksburg. pretty slow stop and go. once you get down to clarksburg, those lanes open up and 270 south is not a bad ride. i want to show you 95 north of pohick. i am seeing significant volume as you make your way north heading from norton towards that beltway. lanes are packed. hov looks good. if you're traveling onto 395 duke street as well as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. >> thanks, danella. a developing story in maryland. the search for an 8-year-old boy police say was abducted and
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stuffed into a trunk. also pepco's message for customers after it was named the
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[ male announcer ] can't get to sleep? can't stay asleep? clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. take a good look at this little boy. baltimore police have issued an amber alert. he is 8-year-old darrick brown jr. police say around 6:30 last night he was grabbed off the street and stuffed into the
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trunk of a car. witnesses say there were two men inside the vehicle, described as a newer model light green ford taurus with maryland tags. a car similar to this one. the boy was wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt with a red and white rocket on the front. call 911 if you think you've seen the car or this little boy. now to a news 4 exclusive. pepco's president is speaking out about the recent survey that ranked the utility company the worst company in america. pepco was dead last in customer satisfaction because of complaints about poor service and high rates. >> i don't agree with the characterizati characterization, but i do take it seriously. we are working very hard to improve the quality of service for our customers. our reputation is tarnished. those are the things we have to work on. >> graham went on to say the company will spend $500 million over the next five years to improve infrastructure and service. that includes adding staff, replacing wires, and trimming trees. a new poll shows michelle
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bachmann as a front-runner in the republican race for president. she topped the poll by the minnesota congresswoman got 25% of the support from likely caucusgoers. former massachusetts governor mitt romney got 21%. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty rounded out the top three with a distance 9% of support. the phone hacking scandal that has shut down one of britain's oldest tabloids is spreading to two more of rupert murdoch's papers. the bbc is reporting the sunday times and the sun hacked personal banking records of former prime minister gordon brown and the medical records of one of brown's sons who has cystic fibrosis. two london newspapers are also reporting that the "news of the world" paid royal family bodyguards for personal details about the queen and other royal family members. "the guardian" reports the royals have also warned their cell phones may have been targeted.
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right now wikileaks editor in chief julian assange is in court appealing extradition to sweden to face questioning on sex charges. this is assange arriving in court this morning. the 39-year-old australian is accused of sexually assaulting two women. assange denies those allegations. many of his supporters say it's all a conspiracy to keep him and wikileaks from exposing any more government secrets. tickets to visit the 9/11 memorial opening in new york are already gone for the first week. online booking started yesterday, and more than 30,000 reservations are made. it opens september 12th. a closed ceremony will take place there the day before. once construction is finished, it will feature the largest man made waterfalls in the country, two reflecting pools, and engraving of the names of 9/11 victims. later today, researchers will convene on the threat that
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bed bugs pose to human beings. tiny insects can cause a variety of physical health and mental health and economic consequences. there have also been a few meetings discussing ways to get rid of the bugs, which are growing more resistance to pesticides. officials say education and awareness is the key to fighting infestations. today baseball's best will take the field for the annual midsummer classic, the 2011 all-star game, and it's an opportunity for fresh faces to show their stuff. half of the 68 players chosen for the all-star game are appearing for the first time. home field advantage for the playoffs is also on the line, and the american league is trying to take back the title after losing last year for the first time since 1996. the game will iair at 8:00 tonight on fox. last night was the big bats opportunity to show off during all-star week. yankees' second baseman robinson cano won the home run derby with 12 runs in the final round. and it was a family affair.
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his father jose, a former pitcher, tossed him all 32 home run balls he hit last night. cano's opponent, red sox first baseman adrian gonzalez hit the most memorable ball of the evening, though, right into the pool out there in right field. check it out, you can see a fan actually jumping into the pool to grab the ball. there he goes, jumping into the pool with his glove on. that's good for the glove. there was another dive by another fan, however, that made for a scary moment and a near repeat of a tragic accident. at the top of the screen, you can see it. milwaukee brewer prince fielder hits a ball into centerfield, and keith carmichael reaches over an upper railing to try to catch the ball. here it is again. as carmichael reaches over, he falls over the railing, but he is caught by a friend and his brother who grab onto his arm and his legs. this comes less than a week after rangers fan was killed after falling over a railing while trying to catch a ball
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that was tossed to him by a player. >> kind of tough to watch, isn't it? >> turning now to the weather, brace yourself. it's going to be a struggle to try to stay cool today. >> that sun between us. here's tom. >> that's not the light at the end of the tunnel either. we have the sun up in a hazy sky on this tuesday morning. good morning. right now it's in the upper 70s. it's rather uncomfortably mild and muggy around the bay, lower eastern shore. it's near 80 degrees now. much of the region, though, 70s throughout much of maryland and virginia. and west virginia as well as the shenandoah valley. there's the hazy sky over northwest washington in the foreground off in the distance is arlington. and we've got a few clouds still floating through. we'll have the cloud cover continuing to break up. by noontime, we'll be into the low 90s. hazy sunshine into the afternoon, will peak here near 100 degrees this afternoon. cold orange unhealthy air building as well. late in the afternoon and
6:22 am
evening hours, a scattered chance of a few storms coming through. after that, partly cloudy on wednesday. only a small chance of a storm in the afternoon. after that, low 90s to mid-90s tomorrow. thursday and friday, beautiful weather, low humidity. partly cloudy to mostly sunny. both days 60s in the morning, mid-80s in the afternoon. not too humid over the weekend either. highs into the 80s on saturday and sunday. near 90 on monday. catch the weather any time, 24/7, weather channel on cable. here's the traffic now with danella. good morning. starting out in virginia, if you're heading 66 east, i am seeing some delays for you as you pass the bypass. it's going to be stop and go as you make your way towards the beltway. here's a look right now. this is 66 at route 50. you can see those lanes are packed bumper to bumper. let's check out 95 right now. this is at lorton. i see it slow for you as you make your way from lorton and head towards the beltway. let's head up to maryland.
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as soon as you pass 109 and make your way towards clarksburg, your lanes open up, and it's a smooth ride. back to you, joe. >> thanks very much, danella. it's a new drink that we're betting will be too big for your stomach. >> why it will be a slow summer
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getting enough coffee to keep you going make take one trip to starbucks. it will offer a new 31-ounce trenta size, its own version of the big gulp, i guess. that's seven ounces larger than the venti and has more volume than the average human stomach. for now only iced coffees and teas will be available in the super size cup in the d.c. area. starbucks says more than half its customers already order the largest size they have available. >> cheers. . the royal couple is reportedly slowing down a bit after their busy north american tour. palace aides say we'll be seeing
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much less of the duke and duchess of cambridge over the next few months. the royal couple is only expected to do a handful of public engagements during the rest of the year. instead, they will apparently be settling into married life. the local county that wants the local county that wants to implement a new curfew for
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right now at 6:30, waking up to a summer scorcher. goodness gracious, great ball of fire. take a live look right now at the national mall. many runners are already up and out there trying to beat the heat, getting a run in early. temperature is 79 degrees, though, on its way to triple digits. we're expected to break some records today. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today."
6:31 am
i'm joe krebs. >> i'm pat lawson muse in for eun yang today. it's tuesday, july 12th. the dangerous heat is the big story of the day. let's turn right to tom kierein. tom, we're going to feel like balls of fire before this day is over. >> near record high this afternoon. here we are basking in the air conditioning in a nice cool studio. in fact, my nose is kind of cold, and pat is wrapped in her blankie right now, it's so cold in here. but megan mcgrath is not. she is outside. what's it like there in dupont circle, megan? >> reporter: you can tell from the shine on my face and the curl in my hair that it is humid out here, tom. very, very humid. and it's actually warm, considering just how early it is. the thermometer behind us, we've been watching the sign board all morning long here at dupont circle. it's saying 78 degrees, if you take a look here. just went down to 77. so we're kind of fluctuating here a little bit. given how early it is in the day and the fact the sun isn't even
6:32 am
really all that high in the sky, it gives you an indication of just how hot it's going to be today. we may break records here. 99 degrees. when you factor in the humidity, the heat index, it's going to feel more like 105 degrees. this is dangerous heat. be warned. if you are an avid exerciser, a jogger, a biker. if you're going to do it today, if you just have to get out there, do it early. it really is not safe to do it in the middle of the day when things are really, really going to be hot. we've seen a lot of folks who are actually out there getting the early morning jog. we ran into one woman who left her house an hour earlier than usual in order to jog. >> it really is a lot of humidity. when you say 77 on that reader board over there, that doesn't sound so bad. believe me, it feels terrible. that's because i feel like i'm running through jell-o or something. >> reporter: are you going to call it quits earlier? >> it might happen. absolutely. >> reporter: and this is dangerous heat.
6:33 am
don't leave children. don't leave animals in the car. those cars with regions up very, very quickly. also make sure you stay hydrated. if you can, just hide in the air conditioning. with more onned too etoday's fo back to tom. it's going to feel like 105 when temperatures soar to 100. right now it's pleasant. it's not too hot, but certainly very humid all around the region in the 70s from shenandoah valley to atlantic beaches and, in fact, to some of the parts of northern maryland and the eastern shore near 80. there's the hazy sky and virginia in the distance. by midafternoon the record high, 99, set on this date back in 1908. in addition, we'll have the air pollution buildings athe afternoon progresses. so code orange for unhealthy air quality. anyone with a heart or respiratory ailment should definitely stay in the ac. could get some scattered storms.
6:34 am
a look at the night planner at 6:41. danella sealock, good morning. how's traffic? let's take a live look at chopper 4. this is the outer loop of the beltway near maryland. as the chopper hovers, it is jam packed. they're actually going to travel some more. as i was looking at 495, it is pretty bad this morning. your delays will continue as you wake your way on new hampshire avenue and head towards georgia avenue. you're slow from the times plant as you approach bladensburg road. i can tell you, once you head down to north cap, it gets a little better traveling in d.c. 395 south of edsall, it is packed as you're heading 395 north. pat, back to you. congressional leaders will be heading back to the white house today as the clock continues ticking toward the deadline to raise the debt limit. negotiations seemed to stall yesterday after president obama addressed the nation and the press over his desire for a deal. the central dispute is tax increases. democrats want to raise taxes on
6:35 am
the wealthiest americans beginning in 2013. republicans say they won't support any deal that involves tax hikes. >> the american people will not accept, and the house cannot pass, a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> i'm prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done, and i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing. >> president obama has said he won't accept a short-term stop gap deal. today's meeting is set for this afternoon. today in montgomery county, the county council will vote on the proposal that will ban smoking in certain residential areas. it could become illegal to light up in shared spaces such as hallways and laundry rooms. the council will vote during their regular meeting, which begins at 9:00 this morning. smoking in workplaces and restaurants is already illegal in montgomery county. this morning montgomery county council will also consider creating a teen curfew. if approved, those 18 years old
6:36 am
and younger could not be out in public from 11:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning sunday through thursday. the curfew would begin at midnight on the weekends. parents and guardians will be held responsible for any children who violate that curfew. this morning there's an unusual fight taking place in fairfax county. some parents and students are rallying against a plan that would move them to a higher rated school district. the fairfax school board wants to move poe middle and annandale high students to frost middle and woodson high schools. those schools are considered better but less diverse, and that's what had students talking at a public hearing last night. >> moving to a different high school would disrupt the balance and integrity of the school. not only would the school be unbalanced, but the sports teams, performing arts, and academics will be severely altered and will not be as strong as it is today. >> woodson has plenty of space for additional students. it's a great school, and kids are not going to find it difficult to be accepted.
6:37 am
>> the fairfax county school board is expected to vote on the issue july 28th. our time now is 6:36. 80 degrees already outside. coming up, how the d.c. lottery
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the time is 6:40. 79 degrees in the nation's capital. going to be a sizzler. 6:40 is the time right now. the "today" show coming up at 7:00. let's check in with matt lauer to see what they're working on this morning. >> hey, joe. good to see you. coming up on a tuesday here on "today," the dangerous heat wave now gripping more than half of this country. we're talking about heat indexes in the triple digits expected from texas to parts of the northeast. we'll have the latest. al also ahead, new details in the reality producer's murder case of bruce redman.
6:41 am
now he wants their 6-year-old daughter to testify at a key hearing today. we'll get details on that. plus the role that a positive attitude plays if you want to live to be 100 or even older. and a young woman who went from this to this. one beauty queen's amazing weight loss transformation. that's not it. we'll tell you more about that as we get started on a tuesday morning here on "today." joe, back to you. >> those kids were really going at it. >> that's another story we're going to be doing today about two kids kick boxing. i think an 8-year-old and a 7-year-old. it's raised some controversy. >> i can imagine it has. okay, matt. thanks very much. have a great day. try to stay cool. >> all right. you too, joe. thanks. and we will need to stay cool. good morning. weather and traffic on the ones. right now it's 6:41. temperatures around the region are in the 70s throughout much of the area, except in southern maryland, around the lower part of the bay and eastern shore, it's near 80 degrees on this tuesday morning, the 12th day of july.
6:42 am
78 now in washington. prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, low and mid-70s. right now there's a view of the suburban forest of montgomery county in the distance. you can see the summer haze in the air and the sun is up by noontime we'll be into the low 90s. midafternoon near 100 degrees throughout much of the region. also air pollution building. so code orange for unhealthy air quality. then late afternoon into the evening, here's your night planner. we could get a few scattered thunderstorms. otherwise, a hazy, muggy night coming up. relief on the way tomorrow and into the end of the week. danella, how's traffic? if you're traveling on pennsylvania avenue in d.c., i have report of an accident as awe approach the sousa bridge. let's take a live look right now. new hampshire avenue is packed as you make your way towards georgia avenue. outer loop of the beltway in maryland. 66, you are stop and go from the bypass as you make your way towards the beltway. this is a look right now at 66
6:43 am
and compton road. that eastbound traffic is pretty stop and go for you. and back to you, joe. >> danella, thanks very much. how d.c. will start to rewrite the district's gun laws today. >> i-270 is back open, but there are still some lingering
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
right now gas crews are still working to fix a gas line that shut down i-270 for six hours today. they're running into a few problems there. i-270 is back open, but the ramp from the interstate to clarksburg road is still closed. that's where news 4's tracee wilkins is reporting live this morning. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, pat. take a look over my shoulder. you can see what washington gas crews are doing now. they're just waiting. that's because according to a spokesperson i just spoke to a moment ago that hole where the
6:47 am
gas main is is full of mud, and it's a 25-foot hole. so they're going to wait for someone to come and move that mud out so they can get to the gas main and start to repair it. i-270 was closed in both directions for several miles in upper montgomery county after this gas main rupture. construction crews working on clarksburg road, also known as 121, hit and ruptured an eight-inch gas main located about 25 feet below ground. the pressure from that escaping gas is so strong it broke the windshield of nearby equipment. montgomery county fire decided to close i-270 in order to protect commuters. traffic was backed up on the highway and also throughout county roads. here on 121 we've been talking about this ramp being closed. that's because of construction equipment. if you come off of i-270 to northbound 121, you'll be able to make that right, and you can use that ramp, but you're just not going to be able to take the normal ramp that you normally do.
6:48 am
you have to go past and take a right like those cars are doing. they've got the single northbound lane on this side and both southbound lanes are operating just fine. you shouldn't have too much of an issue getting around this morning in clarksburg. i'm tracee wilkins live. back to you in the studio, pat. >> thanks, tracee. today prince george's county is taking public suggestions about where to put speed cameras. more than 100 of the devices could go up near schools. drivers caught speeding in school zones would get $40 fines. if you want to weigh in on where the camera should go, you have to register with the clerk of the council. the hearing begins at 1:30 this afternoon at the council registration building in upper marlboro. >> today d.c. council will consider a bill that will put gun distribution in the hands of the city. right now there are no gun dealers in the district. under this new plan, gun buyers would be able to buy guns anywhere that gun sales are legal. the guns would be shipped to certain d.c. government offices where the guns can be picked up. federal law prohibits residents from buying a handgun outside
6:49 am
the city and then transporting the gun into the district. the d.c. council will also vote today on a salary cap for police chief kathy lanier and schools chancellor kaya henderson. "the washington post" says the measure would cap lanier's current salary at $254,000 and limit henderson's salary to $275,000. soon you'll be able to buy tickets from the lucky lottery mobile earlier this week. lottery officials say the goal is to cash in and increase ticket sales, especially during the lunchtime rush. the truck is expected to make its debut on friday on half street near nats park. if it's successful, the d.c. lottery says it will roll out more of them. another social networking site is now offering deals at shops and restaurants. nicole lapin, anchor of cnbc's "world exchange" joins us live now with more on the story. good morning, nicole.
6:50 am
>> hey. a very good morning to you, pat. we're talking about four square getting into the daily deals business. looking to boost revenues by marketing coupons from living social, and at&t. you can start receiving the deals today. foursquare lets users announce their location by checking in at bars, restaurants, and other venues via your cell phone. also, starbucks wanting to help you count calories. the coffee chain is rolling out healthier menu items today called bistro boxes. they include chipotle chicken wrap, sesame noodles. they have less than 500 calories and cost less than $6. starbucks says it's mainly targeting the 40% of americans who are, quote, wellness seekers or constantly in search of healthier options. you know, pat, those standing in line for venti frap chino. >> looks like a great idea. you won't need to go back for refills. >> it all balances out the calorie count, hopefully. >> thanks, nicole.
6:51 am
>> you're welcome. first lady michelle obama's lunch of choice is a hot topic this morning. it's not just what she ordered but when she ordered it. she got a burger, fries, diet coke, and a chocolate shake from the shake shack in dupont circle yesterday. this 1,700 calorie meal came right after she attended a let's move event at the white house which targeted childhood obesity. mrs. obama has said before it's okay to indulge occasionally as long as it's in moderation and as long as you keep on moving. well, don't move too fast today because it's going to be really hot. you're going to need to slow it down. >> and jingle bells that may help you at least psychologic psychologically deal with it as we are going to have torrid heat this afternoon. right now the sun is up. there's the solar glitter path on the potomac river on this tuesday morning. 78 at reagan national and the record high today set at washington on this date back in 1908. 99 degrees.
6:52 am
so we may be near or maybe even a little bit above that record high this afternoon. all time record 106 set on july 26th back on 1930. most of virginia, maryland, and eastern shore in mid and upper 70s. even near 80 on the lower and eastern shore and parts of maryland, northern neck, weather watchers reporting. look at the highs today throughout this region. all the way down through the mid-atlantic states into the carolinas. most of virginia and maryland and the eastern shore will be near 100 degrees later this afternoon. and there's another view of the sky, this time we're looking on the left off in the distance as northern fairfax county on the right is southern loudoun county. in the foreground, the urban forest of northwest washington. by noontime, the low 90s to mid to upper 90s by midafternoon. near 100 degrees. code orange unhealthy air
6:53 am
quality as well. then later this afternoon and tonight scattered storms. as the humidity will only be dropping gradually as a cool front comes through. and because of that gradual drop, we're probably not going to have any bad storms. but there is a possibility a small chance later today and tonight. humidity gradually moves in on wednesday, just a slight chance of a storm tomorrow. still pretty hot. lower humidity around for thursday and friday. 60s in the morning and highs in the 80s. as well as over the week en, just a slight chance of afternoon storm saturday, sunday, and monday. danella, how's traffic now? >> good morning. let's start out. inner loop of the beltway as you pass allentown road report of an accident there. then in d.c. if you're on pennsylvania avenue heading towards the sousa bridge, you're going to see an accident there as well. a live look right now, this is 95 at lorton. it is slow for you as you're making your way on lorton and heading towards the beltway. and another look right now, this is 395. if you're continuing on to 395,
6:54 am
you are slow to the 14th street bridge. pat and joe, back to you. >> thanks very much. at 6:53 right now, here is the morning's top stories. a fourth day of debt limit negotiations will take place at the white house today. the main dispute centers around tax hikes the democrats want to include in the debt reduction package. president obama says he will -- he also will not support a short term deal. this afternoon family and friends will honor the life of former first lady betty ford. first lady michelle obama will be one of the many in attendance at the funeral service for mrs. ford today in california. mrs. ford will be interred alongside her late husband president gerald ford in michigan. in about two hours, two astronauts will begin the last spacewalk of the shuttle era. crew members from "atlantis" will venture outside the international space station to repair equipment. the spacewalk is expected to last 6 1/2 hours. more now on the dangerous heat moving into our area today. a heat advisory takes effect this afternoon at noon.
6:55 am
>> and news 4's megan mcgrath is live in dupont circle with how people are trying to stay cool this morning. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. good morning, pat. we're seeing a lot of people walking around in short sleeves. we're seeing some shorts. woman over there in a sundress. people are trying to dress for the heat even though they're going to the office this morning. we've got a woman over here on the corner out for her morning jog. the key to that, get out there early if you're going to be doing that. it is going to be absolutely brutal later this afternoon. we are talking about potentially record breaking heat, 99 degrees or so. when you add in the humidity that is also very wicked here today, it's going to feel like 105 degrees. the heat advisory kicks in at noon. it will stay in effect until 8:00 tonight. best advice here is, if you can, just hide in the air conditioning. you don't need to be out there exercising in the middle of the day jogging on your lunch break. this is dangerous heat. you need to keep yourself hydrated. you need to use common sense out there. don't leave pets. don't leave children in the car
6:56 am
for any length of time. make sure you're drinking plenty of water, that you're dressed appropriately. and just take it easy because it is going to be very, very bad today. and this, again, is the kind of heat that can be dangerous. it can even be deadly. it's going to be sticking with us through the afternoon. it sounds like we're going to get some relief, though, later on and into tomorrow. but today just hunker down in that air conditioned house or office. back to you all in the studio. >> yes, indeed. thank you very much, megan. i notice even the pigeons are wearing shorts and flip-flops out there. it's rough. >> they're chilling. >> and, tom, this will be the hottest day of the year so far. >> we got to 102. what was that, like a month ago. so, yeah. it's going to be up near 100 this afternoon. and the stillness of the afternoon heat, nothing moves. not even bees. even they know not to fly. nothing will be moving midafternoon. but late afternoon into the evening hours, after we reach near 100, we may get storms popping up. a small chance of that. and then the lower humidity
6:57 am
gradually moves in tomorrow. will be in place thursday, friday, and into the weekweeken. a nice pattern after today. danella, how's traffic? outer loop of the beltway in maryland is slow. you can see red and yellow right at new hampshire avenue, stop and go all the way to georgia avenue. and if you're in d.c., look at this 395 north of duke street. if you're heading over to the 14th street bridge, its a slow ride for you. back to you. >> thanks, danella. that is "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is coming up >host: could switching to geicop really save you 15% or more
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